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 +======Change Default Opening Folder in Windows Explorer======
 +Change the Default Opening Folder in Windows Explorer ​
 +Published at​ August 20, 2001
 +URL: http://​​windowsxp/​using/​setup/​learnmore/​tips/​bertleff1.mspx(external link)
 +Submitted by Kris Bertleff, Youngstown, Ohio
 +By default, Windows Explorer opens showing the My Documents folder. To change the default setting so that all top–level drives and folders are shown, follow these steps:
 +1. Click Start, point to Programs, then Accessories,​ then right–click Windows Explorer, and click Properties.
 +2. Under Target field, which reads "​%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe"​ add "/n, /e, /select, C:​\" ​
 +to make the line read "​%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe /n, /e, /select, C:\"
 +3. Click APPLY, OK.
 +I love that little trick. Now when you open Windows Explorer you get to choose from all the folders and drives, not just My Documents.
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