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 +======Fix Problem MergeList /​var/​lib/​apt/​lists in LinuxMint 12 Ubuntu 11.04======
 +Using package manager, you may encounter error messages:  ​
 +Error: Encountered a section with no Package : header,
 +Error: Problem with MergList /​var/​lib/​apt/​lists ...
 +Error: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.
 +Here is a possible fix:
 +Open Terminal and type these commands:
 +  sudo rm /​var/​lib/​apt/​lists/​* -vf  (enter)
 +  (enter your pwd when prompted)
 +  sudo apt-get update (enter)
 +This should delete the old entries and download the latest ones, clearing the errors.
 +Thanks to admin at [[http://​​2011/​05/​how-to-fix-problem-with-mergelist-varlibaptlists-error-in-ubuntu-11-04/​]] for publishing the article entitled ''​How To Fix “Problem with MergeList /​var/​lib/​apt/​lists” Error In Ubuntu 11.04''​ which was published May 01, 2011.  There are currently 60 comments appended to that article.
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