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 +======Install MySQL 5.1.36 win32.msi======
 +Find, Download, Save and Run MySQL 5.1.36 win32.msi
 +Setup Type = Custom (next)
 +Custom Setup = Leave Everything to install and not developer tools as per default (next)
 +Configure MySQL server instance (next)
 +Configuration Type = Detailed Configuration (next)
 +Server Type = Server Machine (next)
 +Database Usage = Multifunction (next)
 +Installation Path = just leave the words "​installation path" in drop down window (next)
 +Approximate Number of Current Connections = Decision Support (DSS/OLAP) has default setting average 20 connections to maximum of 100 connections
 +Set Networking Options = Yes - Leave box checked to Enable TCP/IP with default port 3306 (do not check box to add firewall exception for this port) 
 +Server SQL Mode = Strict Mode (accept this default checked box) (next)
 +Default Character Set = Choose "Best Support for Multilingual"​ to Make UTF-8 the default character set (must change the check box away from the default checked box for standard character set)
 +Set the Windows Options ​
 +-Install as Windows Service (check this box) 
 +-Service Name = MySQL (leave this default choice) ​
 +-Launch MySQL server automatically - yes the check box 
 +-Include Bin Directory in Windows PATH (CHECK this box - it is not checked by default) ​
 +Set Security Options ​
 +Modify Security Settings = Leave this box checked ​
 +New root password = (enter new root password - try using same as windows administrator pw) 
 +Confirm root password = (enter same new root password) ​
 +Enable root access from remote machines? = No do not check this box - do not enable this 
 +Create an Annonymous Account? = No leave this not checked as by default ​
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