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Remove "Proudly Powered By WordPress" from Twenty Fourteen Theme

  1. Log into your WordPress site as an administrator
  2. On the left menu, go to “Appearance” and select “Customize”
  3. In the customizer, select “Additional CSS
  4. Insert the following (cascading style sheet) code
.site-info {

Then click “Publish”

Escape (X-out) from the Customizer.

Return to the front-end of your website and observe the footer area. The text “Proudly Powered By WordPress” should be hidden. How does this work? In the footer.php page of the WordPress Twenty Fourteen Theme, there is a class variable labeled “site-info” and this CSS code suppresses the content of that class.

You may have already inserted some CSS code for the class “.site” which affects the margins and centers the entire twenty fourteen theme on the user's screen. Keep that “.site” code and insert the “.site-info” code starting on the next line below it, as follows.

.site {
margin: 0 auto;
.site-info {
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