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[Solved] Cannot Remove Pinned Item from Quick Access


The Quick Access “pinned” and frequent items data are kept in a file named


in the following folder:


Reset Quick Access using the following steps:

To reset the Quick Access to the default items, you could use Windows Explorer to find and delete the above file in the above-referenced path,

Or, in the Windows search box (next to the start button - bottom left) type “cmd.exe” (without the quotes) and press the [enter] key to search for “Command Prompt” as the result, and, within the results, right click on the “Command Prompt” and left click to select “Run as Administrator” from the drop down options (which opens a command prompt window with Admin privileges), and then use your mouse to highlight and select the entire command string contained in the code box below, right click on the highlighted/selected string, and left click “copy” from the dropdown options in order to copy that entire command string into your Windows clipboard (hidden), and then, within the command prompt window that you just opened, right click at the cursor on the command line next to the right carrot “>” to automatically paste the command string from the windows clipboard and onto the command line, and, finally, press [Enter] to run the command string to delete the file.

cmd.exe /c del "%AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Recent\AutomaticDestinations\f01b4d95cf55d32a.automaticDestinations-ms"

Note: Windows will recreate the deleted file (with all the pinned default folders) the next time you open Windows File Explorer. So, after you close all open instances of the Windows File Explorer Windows and then reopen File Explorer and examine the Quick Access area.

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