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 ====Adding Web Server (IIS) Role==== ====Adding Web Server (IIS) Role====
   -You probably need to install some prerequisite features for this Role   -You probably need to install some prerequisite features for this Role
-  -+  -Under Initial Configuration Tasks, click "Add Roles" under Customize this Server screen 
 +  -Click Next button after the Add Roles Wizard starts 
 +  -Select the checkbox for Web Server (IIS) 
 +  -Click Next button 
 +  -It says Add features required for Web Server (IIS), which include Windows Process Activation Service, and subfeatures for Process Model, and Configuration API'​s. 
 +  -Click the button for Add Required Features 
 +  -Click Next Button in the Add Roles Wizard 
 +  -Click Next Button under Intro to Web Server (IIS) 
 +  -All the ROLE SERVICES will be shown, including - Static Content, Default Document, Directory Browsing, Http Errors, Http login, Request Monitor, Request Filtering, Static Content Compression,​ IIS Management Console 
 +  -Click Next Button 
 +  -Under Confirmation screen, review and click Install button 
 +  -Click "​Close"​ Button when progress indicator finishes and the Wizard concludes stating that "​Installation Succeeded"​ 
 +  -It is recommended to restart the Windows Server even if you are not prompted to do so. 
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