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Adding Roles On Windows Server

Let's say we want to add the role of DNS Server

  1. Open Server Manager or Initial Configuration Tasks
  2. Click “Add Roles” under Roles Summary or Customize this Server
  3. Click Next button from the Before you Begin page of the Add Roles Wizard
  4. For the First Role, let's select the Checkbox for DNS Server
  5. Click Next button (Note we are not integrating with Active Directory Domain Services because that role or feature is not installed)
  6. under confirmation, select Install button
  7. Wait for the progress indicator to complete for the installation of the role of DNS Server
  8. Installation Succeeded
  9. click the Close Button
  10. Even if you are not asked to do so, you should restart the Windows Server.

Adding Web Server (IIS) Role

  1. You probably need to install some prerequisite features for this Role
  2. Under Initial Configuration Tasks, click “Add Roles” under Customize this Server screen
  3. Click Next button after the Add Roles Wizard starts
  4. Select the checkbox for Web Server (IIS)
  5. Click Next button
  6. It says Add features required for Web Server (IIS), which include Windows Process Activation Service, and subfeatures for Process Model, and Configuration API's.
  7. Click the button for Add Required Features
  8. Click Next Button in the Add Roles Wizard
  9. Click Next Button under Intro to Web Server (IIS)
  10. All the ROLE SERVICES will be shown, including - Static Content, Default Document, Directory Browsing, Http Errors, Http login, Request Monitor, Request Filtering, Static Content Compression, IIS Management Console
  11. Click Next Button
  12. Under Confirmation screen, review and click Install button
  13. Click “Close” Button when progress indicator finishes and the Wizard concludes stating that “Installation Succeeded”
  14. It is recommended to restart the Windows Server even if you are not prompted to do so.
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