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 +======Exchange Setup======
 +Step 8 of the Exchange Server 2003 Deployment Tools (ExDeploy.hta),​ is to Install Exchange Server 2003 on the new server by running Exchange Setup. To install Exchange Server 2003, your account must have the following permissions:​ Full Exchange Administrator (at the organization level) and local machine administrator.
 +With the Exchange Server 2003 Installation CD in the CD-Rom of the Server, from within ExDeploy Checklist, Item 8, Click the Browser button to specify a path to Setup: ​
 +Then click the link to: 
 +Run Setup now
 +Follow the MS Exchange Installation Wizard:
 +Leave the box checked for "​Typical"​ - MS Exchange Installation
 +At Installation Type, leave the box checked for "​Create New Exchange Org" and DO NOT join exchange 5.5 org.
 +Click Next
 +For Organization Name: change it from "First Organization"​ to the name of your organization.
 +Leave all the default items being installed: Exchange, Messaging and Collaberoration,​ etc.; and, unless you have good reason to change the installation path, leave the default installation locations (paths) which are pre-selected for the typical installation.
 +The installation of the first server is complete. To install Exchange 2003 on additional servers, click Next.
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