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Exchange Setup

Step 8 of the Exchange Server 2003 Deployment Tools (ExDeploy.hta), is to Install Exchange Server 2003 on the new server by running Exchange Setup. To install Exchange Server 2003, your account must have the following permissions: Full Exchange Administrator (at the organization level) and local machine administrator.

With the Exchange Server 2003 Installation CD in the CD-Rom of the Server, from within ExDeploy Checklist, Item 8, Click the Browser button to specify a path to Setup: C:\setup\i386\setup.exe

Then click the link to: Run Setup now

Follow the MS Exchange Installation Wizard:

Leave the box checked for “Typical” - MS Exchange Installation

At Installation Type, leave the box checked for “Create New Exchange Org” and DO NOT join exchange 5.5 org.

Click Next

For Organization Name: change it from “First Organization” to the name of your organization.

Leave all the default items being installed: Exchange, Messaging and Collaberoration, etc.; and, unless you have good reason to change the installation path, leave the default installation locations (paths) which are pre-selected for the typical installation.

The installation of the first server is complete. To install Exchange 2003 on additional servers, click Next.

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