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Adding Custom Profile Fields in PhpBB3

Custom profile fields

One of the many new features in phpBB3 that enhance the user experience is Custom Profile Fields. In the past, users could only fill in information in the common profile fields that were displayed; administrators had to add MODifications to their board to accommodate their individual needs. In phpBB3, however, administrators can comfortably create custom profile fields through the ACP.

To create your custom profile field, login to your ACP. Click on the Users and Groups tab, and then locate the Custom profile fields link in the left-hand menu to click on. You should now be on the proper page. Locate the empty textbox below the custom profile fields headings, which is next to a selection menu and a Create new field button. Type in the empty textbox the name of the new profile field you want to create first. Then, select the field type in the selection menu. Available options are Numbers, Single text field, Textarea, Boolean (Yes/No), Dropdown box, and Date. Click the Create new field button to continue. The following describes each of the three sets of settings that the new custom profile field will have.

Add profile field

Field type: This is the kind of the field that your new custom profile field is. That means that it can consist of numbers, dates, etc. This should already be set.

Field identification: This is the name of the profile field. This name will identify the profile field within phpBB3's database and templates.

Display profile field: This setting determines if the new profile field will be displayed at all. The profile field will be shown on topic pages, profiles and the memberlist if this is enabled within the load settings. Only showing within the users profile is enabled by default.

Visibility option

Display in user control panel: This setting determines if your users will be able to change the profile field within the UCP.

Display at registration screen: If this option is enabled, the profile field will be displayed on the registration page. Users will be able to be change this field within the UCP.

Required field: This setting determines if you want to force your users to fill in this profile field. This will display the profile field at registration and within the user control panel.

Hide profile field: If this option is enabled, this profile field will only show up in users' profiles. Only administrators and moderators will be able to see or fill out this field in this case.

Language specific options

Field name/title presented to the user: This is the actual name of the profile field that will be displayed to your users.

Field description: This is a simple description/explanation for your users filling out this field.

When you are done with the above settings, click the Profile type specific options button to continue. Fill out the appropriate settings with what you desire, then click the Next button. If your new custom profile field was created successfully, you should be greeted with a green success message. Congratulations!

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