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Apply Exchange Server 2003 SP2

  • Backup the Server, Exchange Server 2003 Installation, before and after applying Service Packs.
  • Unzip / Extract the file E3SP2ENG (or the file for your language/locale) to the same directory/folder where you saved it upon download. It will create a new folder and subfolders structure there.
  • In Windows Explorer, browse ro c:\your download path\E3SP2ENG\Setup\ folder and Run the file update.exe by double clicking it. The installation wizard should appear. Click Next, Click the radio button next to I AGREE and to accept the SP2 License Agreement, ant then click Next.

The Pre-selected installation options will appear, such as:

Update - Microsoft Exchange - Current Ver. 6.5

Update - Microsoft Exchange Messaging and Collaboration Services - Current Ver. 6.5

Update - Microsoft Exchange System Management Tools - Current Ver. 6.5

Installation Path c:\Program Files\Exchsrvr

  • Leave these update / selections alone unless you have good reason to select something additional, but Click Next.

The Installation Summary will appear, which is a recapitulation of the above options that were pre-selected and not changed. Click Next.

The installation Component Progress will appear and a check mark will appear in front of each of the following when they are installed:

  • Micorosft Exchange
  • Microsoft Exchange Forest Prep
  • Micorosft Exchange Domain Prep
  • Microsoft Exchange Messaging and Collaboration Services
  • Microsoft Exchange System Management Tools

Completed the Microsoft Exchange Wizard

  • Click Finished.
  • Recommend Restarting Windows Server to save the new settings after applying Exchange 2003 SP2. Also recommend backing-up the installation or entire O/S. It may be easier to use something like Bart's X-PE to boot your server, and use Ghost 9 to backup an image (or images of each) installation and data partition, saving those partition images into a pre-named folder on an attached external USB drive. You can restore from there if you later have a problem with configurations after installing Exchange 2003 SP2. This is only recommended before configuring exchange mail boxes or before using ExMerge to restore mailbox data from a retiring Exchange Server.
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