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Install OpenCart Open Source PHP e-Commerce Site

First, set-up your fully qualified domain name in your web server. If you are using ZPanel, create a domain like in new directory which would be found in a path on the web server like c:\ zpanel \ hostdata \ OpenCart \ public_html \ mydomain_com

Make sure that the DNS (nameservers) have a zone created for with A (address) records pointing to and 

at the IP address of the web server.

Create an FTP username and password that leads to the domain directory like /public_html/ Use Filezilla or some other FTP client upload your OpenCart pages to the website.

Create a MySQL database and username with all user privileges to the database. This database will drive the website by configuring it and delivering dynamic content. In other words, the website OpenCart PHP pages will interact with the database content to display your store and dynamically display your web content.

Remove any parked page like index.html from the root of your website.

Download and extract the OpenCart website files from Place the appropriate files and subdirectory structure under your website root /

Set the requisite folder and webpage access permissions using FileZilla FTP.

Use Filezilla to rename the two config.php files and set their access permissions to make them writable.

rename config-dist.php to config.php (located in the public_html web root) rename /admin/config-dist.php to /admin/config.php (located in the /admin directory)

Run the install and follow the directions. Have your MySQL database credentials available during install.

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